In 1998 a prophetess by name Madam Solomon   confirmed these revelations with a message to Pastor  Albert through his wife,that he had been ordained as prophet to the nations. A similar message was received by him from the Lord in Jeh 1:17-19

In the same year the message was reiterated by the servant of God, Dr. Morris Cerrulo that he was a prophet operating in the office of a Pastor. In the heat of these event he informed his mentor and pastor. Pastor Pre Ovia, the then European overseer of DCLM (Deeper Christian Life Ministry)

In the line up of these events Dr. Olukoya of Mountain of fire and Miracles laid hand on confirmed the prophetic mantle to  him.

Origin Of Church Name 

The name of the church was given to me three years ago through a prophet of God from Ivory Coast. who  prophesized and said “The power of God will be shown through you as an advert for His people to come into the Kingdom. ” This   is the origin of the name Power and Mercy Outreach International.